Introducing i-Care Doctor

Healthcare Platform for Private Doctors and Healthcare Centres
Bringing together a more efficient way to run our healthcare
delivery channels.

i-Care Doctor

i-Care Doctor is an advanced digital clinic or hospital management system used by healthcare workers to run their facilities.
Our Apps are specifically designed to take advantage of the Digital and Internet evolution on medical practices to electronically manage your consultation services and patient medical records handling.


Comprehensive and rich in features, with multiple modules to cater for every facility needs. i-Care is the preferred choice for healthcare providers today.
Patient Management
Streamline administration, increase revenue and cut cost while enjoying the simplicity of a powerful system.
Complete Doctor's Consultation
We simplify consultation process. Diagnose, prescribe, complete and checkout patients all in one go.
Inventory Management
Take full control of your clinic inventory. Manage consumables to ensure what you need is on hand.
Prescription Management
View, re-order and remove prescription list all on one screen
Laboratory & Test Management
Track and manage laboratory orders, including dispatch of samples and results.
Precise medical dispensing, as well as organised keeping of bills and collection

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